ScalabilityIncreased throughput and low transaction fees
Financial InfrastructureB2 is optimized to facilitate financial DApps
SecurityA set of community-owned validators validate transactions on the blockchain
EcosystemPowering an ecosystem of Financial applications and Web3 Consumer apps


High-speed Transactions

B2 is designed for very high transaction outputs. This is achieved by having a smaller set of validators

On-chain Governance

A governance system let's B2 validator owners in the chain create new proposals and vote for them. Voting power is distributed based on the total delegated amount to the validator.

Data Storage

B2 serves as a data storage of our Dapps. This way user records and transactions are stored in a decentralized way and we stay in sync with our multi-chain applications

Backed by

Tekin Salimi
Justin Sun
Brian Lee

Our strategic partners

Antimatter B2 — A BNB Sidechain

A new path has opened for Antimatter.
Jun 29, 2022

Introducing: Antimatter Sharkfin

It’s time for another decentralized structured product! We are introducing Antimatter Sharkfin — A principal protected product, where users subscribe using the required currency and earn varying yield based on a specified price range of the underlying asset. The product runs on a weekly basis and redemption is only possible at maturity.
May 6, 2022

Development Update — What We Are Building Behind the Scenes

April has been a very busy month for us development-wise. We launched our first Defi Option Vaults on both Avalanche and Ethereum Network and Dual Investment for Polygon Network.
Apr 25, 2022

Introducing: Antimatter Option Vaults built with Opyn

This week we are finally launching our DeFi Option Vaults on Avalanche Network and Ethereum. We will be starting out with two vaults — Covered Call and Put Selling — on each blockchain. The vault will open this week and will accept orders till Friday 15th of March 0pm GMT. The vault goes through weekly cycles. Follow our Twitter @antimatterdefi to be notified when exactly the vault will open.
Apr 11, 2022

Antimatter Structured on Polygon Network

After deploying Antimatter Structured on Avalanche last week, we now have decided to continue expanding the Antimatter ecosystem and brought Antimatter Structured to Polygon. Polygon is the first Layer 2 we deploy Structured on.
Apr 4, 2022

Antimatter Structured on Avalanche Network

After deploying perpetual options on Avalanche last October, we now have decided to continue working with Avalanche to leverage this open and fast blockchain. We are expanding the Antimatter ecosystem and specifically Antimatter Structured to AVAX .
Mar 28, 2022