On-chain DeFi
Derivative Protocol

Tokenized perpetual call and put options

  • No liquidation risk
  • No funding fees
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Protocol Features

  • Auto Rebalancing Polarized Token Mechanism

    Funding, fee distribution and rebalancing happens automatically.

  • Secondary Market Opportunities

    Market making, arbitrage and passive yield opportunities

  • Self-sustainable and Community Governed

    Fees from products and protocol usage used to buyback MATTER.

  • Cross Chain Compatible

    Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain

Matter token

  • MATTER is the utility token of the ecosystem
    and can be obtained by:

    • Staking
    • Innovative LP farming mechanism
    • Governance staking / voting rewards
    • Option creation, redemption and LP provision
  • MATTER can be used to pay protocol fee with a discount. Protocol fees are used to buy-back tokens.

    These fees include:

    • Option generation and redemption fees
    • Protocol transaction fees
  • Coin

Core contributors

  • Jack Lu

    Protocol Design Core Contributor
    Creator of Bounce.finance

  • Robert Hu

    Main Solidity Developer Core Contributor
    Helmet.insure contributor

+6 developers for frontend, backend and security.

Backed by

  • NGC Capital
  • Monday Capital
  • Spark