ScalabilityIncreased throughput and low transaction fees
Financial InfrastructureB2 is optimized to facilitate financial DApps
SecurityA set of community-owned validators validate transactions on the blockchain
EcosystemPowering an ecosystem of Financial applications and Web3 Consumer apps


High-speed Transactions

B2 is designed for very high transaction outputs. This is achieved by having a smaller set of validators

On-chain Governance

A governance system let's B2 validator owners in the chain create new proposals and vote for them. Voting power is distributed based on the total delegated amount to the validator.

Data Storage

B2 serves as a data storage of our Dapps. This way user records and transactions are stored in a decentralized way and we stay in sync with our multi-chain applications

Backed by

Tekin Salimi
Justin Sun
Brian Lee

Our strategic partners

B2 Random — Get Lucky!

On the path to Mainnet we have one last DApp to release beforehand. Antimatter Random is the next DApp live on the B2 Testnet. The platform allows you to create your own prize pools, in a permissionless way.
Mar 16, 2023

Antimatter Structured on Kava Network

We are excited to announce that Antimatter Finance has recently joined the KAVA ecosystem as a new DeFi player, providing structured products that investors can purchase with both Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether USD (USDT). This new development brings a unique and exciting opportunity for investors who want to expand their investment portfolio and take advantage of the high-yield opportunities.
Feb 28, 2023

Antimatter on Arbitrum

Antimatter BULL&BEAR tokens are available on Arbitrum, the trendiest Ethereum Layer 2 network that has seen explosive growth in the last few months.
Feb 22, 2023

B2 — Deflationary Economy with Token Burn

In case you missed it, the mainnet launch is projected to take place in April this year. This means there is still time for tweaking and experimenting on B2 Testnet.
Jan 30, 2023

Antimatter B2 — Vision & Roadmap 2023

In 2022, our focus for the first half of the year was to explore structured products such as Dual Investment and Sharkfin on BNBChain. Subsequently, we launched our structured product hub and released various line-ups of financial derivatives. We gradually added more features to those products, e.g. more available underlying assets and availability on different chains.
Jan 16, 2023

Antimatter X Neblio | Strategic Partnership

Today we are excited to announce a partnership between Antimatter and Neblio. Neblio is a distributed, high performance blockchain platform built for Enterprise & Industry 4.0 applications and services. Neblio ($NEBL) has its own blockchain and it is Proof-of-Stake: holders can stake to hold governance rights and thus participate in the voting of new initiatives via NIPs. Some of the use cases of Neblio are Records Management, Supply chain, identity management and many more. Through API SDKs in different programming languages, Neblio offers easy integration for blockchain technology.
Dec 6, 2022