Antimatter - B2 Ecosystem

Antimatter powers an ecosystem of applications on top of B2.

Dual Investment

Sell options while earning a high interest rate.

  • Choose between different products varying in Strike Price, APY and Delivery Date.
  • Options are settled on delivery date in either the token or a stablecoin.
  • Dual Investment is available for $BTC, $ETH, $BNB and many more different altcoins.

BNB Quanto Derivatives

An onchain decentralized perpetual contract with underlying in BNB, but the instrument is settled in other crypto.

Defi Option Vault

Covered call and put strategies to generate yield from the option market.


Earn varying yield based on a specified price range of the underlying asset.

  • Guaranteed rate of return of at least the amount invested, and a possible gain.
  • Weekly cycles with redemption at maturity. The higher the settlement price the higher the APR.
  • Ethereum and Bitcoin as underlying assets. Invest $BTC, $ETH or $USDT.


Antimatters perpetual options are tokenized on-chain. In essence, tradeable call and put tokens.

  • Our options do not rely on oracles. Instead, arbitrage activity is utilized to determine price of an asset.
  • Generated tokens have no expiry and timeframe. This also means no forced liquidation.
  • We offer permission-less creation of Bull & Bear tokens of any asset.

Nonfungible Finance

The real use-case for NFTs lies in wrapping and packaging financial products

  • Issuance of NFTs with a combination of multiple underlying assets
  • Financial ETFs and formation of customized indexes through NFTs
  • Select assets to put into a locker NFT and set a release schedule.

Antimatter DAO

A collaborative workplace for innovative onchain derivative application

  • Everything regarding $MATTER in one place.
  • Stake your tokens or collect trading rewards for using our products
  • Get involved through governance and give your feedback on our forum